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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 24, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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bonding time there is, you will not find me in a mall, in a story. let's find out. >> most of the time, when i do that, id have to report it. hopefully not this year. >> you can pick up a couple little things at commercial breaks. and then your shopping is done, wala. thank you very much. >> i'm martin savage. >> and you're in the cnn news room. at least five deaths are blamed on a huge winter storm now working its way east across the u.s. combination of gail force winds, snow, ice and rain will likely startle holiday plans all this week. as it moves, this weather system
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could collide with an arctic blast. by thanksgiving, the east coast cocould be in a full-blown nor'easter. >> coast-to-coast, the country is feeling the impacts of an earlier than expected winter weather system. in texas, it's already proving fatal. icy road conditions causing this sdent along interstate ho. the texas department of public safety warns it will only get worse. >> anything from sleet to freezing manl. if it gets really bad, we're going to encourage folks to stay home. >> i heard a big crack and the house started banging and the things were falling and i thought it was a huge earthquake. >> flooding hit phoenix, arizona. but, now, the winter threat is on the move.
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a dangerous system can has the potential to create chaos for millions of travelers. >> it's crazy. it's super, super crazy. i hope it's growing to be gone soon. >> right now, the sfoe impacts are being felt in new mexico, texas and much of the great plains. >> it feels like the wind is going to pull you over. it feels like it's dwroik to push you into the next lane. >> in ohio, snow and freezing templetures played out on saturday during the ohio state indiana football game in columbus. officials had to scrub the snow off of the goal line. unforcue gnatly, dangerous wind, sleet, snow and rain could be your travel companion. >> now we've got to bring in nick live from dallas. nick, you have seenl weather like this before, but i would
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like o know, how are you doing and how soon is it going to get there. >> it may not seem bad. but texas officials do say it's expected to get worse. about a quarter inch of ice. >> a warning for those that are traveling in this area. please take the advice of texas officials. those road conditions, they may not seem bad.
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black ice, you can't tell. >> meteorologist karen mcguinness will have the latest on this winter storm and what it could mean for your holiday travel. that will be coming up at the wot tom of the hour. now, to that historic and long-negotiated nuclear agreement. it's a done-deal. well beyond the schedule, closed door sessions. we heard several times that they were so close to an agreement. and when they emerged, they were the smiles and the handshakes. president obama will ink the whole deal. but it's still -- there are some issues to be worked out. he has harolded the deal to stop iran's nuclear progress but allowi inin ining global choke . some republicans and democrats say that they were skeptical about this deal.
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some going so far as to say that it will lead to war. we just foupd out that he has been firmly against any deal as most people know. so let's go live now to je knee geneva switzerland. is it important which side compromised the most? i mean, the main thing is that this's a deal on paper. >> yeah, i mean, i think that is the main thing. and at the heart of the deal was this compromise and this fudge over the issue of enrichment, iran yan inrichment. that's something that the united states, among others, refused to grant iran.
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and it's something that held up these negotiations for some time. they had to really struggle with the wording that would make both sides happy. it ended up in the situation which is that the agreement doesn't specifically formally recognize iran's right to kpigs. and a couple of sites in the country to the level of five percent. so enough to produce now collar fuel, but not enough to produce weapons-grade enriched uranium. >> what's interesting is that i watched the shaking of hands and the hugs and the congratulations, it's only a six-month deal. in other words, this is a temporary solution. what will happen after those six months?
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>> yeah, it is only a six-month deal. but it's also an indication of what a permanent deal is going to look like. it was meant to be an interim arrangement to build trust between the two sites. now what we're going to see is a process of intense diplomacy where they're going to make these things that have essentially already been talked about. make them more permanent and to decide the future of what the ie rain y iranian plabt.
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>> well, the people this greept will affect most are the people of iran who have been living under very tight international sanctions for decades. >> this is why they voted. let's hear there some of toez ir iranians themselves. >> actually, i'm really happy about this. but my sisters, we're told all
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the world knows rngs just for piece. how important is iran's leadership fighting for the rights for iran to enrich uranium and have a peaceful nuclear program. how important was that for you? >> no. >> not really? so it didn't matter to you. what about uranium enrichmented for you? was it important? >> it was important. >> yes, it was really important. other people can use this nuclear -- can use this. believe it or not, it is not fair. >> to gain the technology that you have right now. >> yes, yes, this technology. and this is really winning big for all the war. it's not -- you know we don't have any winner at the war. >> when there's war, there's no winners. >> all right. for many iranians, their nuclear
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program has been a pride.
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telephone. senator, thank you very much for joining us. >> time will tell, martin. i think the import of the decision announced last night. then, if that's the stated goal that everybody understands, then there's the choice. and the choice is between this agreement, which is a pause or the inevitable march to war. if the goal is that they're not going to have a nuclear weapon. and i choose the pause that is verifiable.
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>> the sanctions, you know, some are suggesting that as a result of this new deal, it will make it difficult, that is, to continue the sanctions. >> no, i think, as you read the specifics of the agreement, that we're going to see exactly the opposite. we're going to see the iaea, international inspected tin the hospital tors in there. so we will have updates every week on what's happening. the sankctions are only going t apply to releasing some of their oil revenue $4 billion. but the additional oil revenue that will be coming in over this particular time period is another $15 billion that will still be squirrelled away in
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escrowed funds. so when you read the details, i think they have this pretty good. and we'll see at the end of six months if the thing is complete. >> some of your colleagues are already saying that, really, this is just a deal that was rushed on the part of the united states to distract the american public from the disaster of obama care. want would you say? >> well, of course, i'd disagree with that. that's kind of silly. as a matter of fact, that's coming from people that if the president is for something, they're against it. and, you know, we've had dp-- a we've had just this gridlock of this excessive, rigidity and
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number two, the partisan ship that's going only. so a statement like that is absolutely silly. >> where do you think this will go in the senate? what do you think the opinions of sfat tors overall will be? >> i think as we just talked ashlt, i think it's going to break out along party lines. i think there will be some cool heads in the republican party in the senate that will say let's give them these sanctions a chance to work and see if the greemt is fulfilled. and a permanent agreement is brought about. then, if not, then we go back today one. we vnt lost anything. we've certain lif tried. wu but we're back at the point at which we have to consider a military strike. >> senator bill nelson, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks, martin.
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>> not everybody, of course, is celebrating the iran weapons deal. up next, we'll explain why israel's prime minister is calling it a historic mistake.
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well, many in the international community are, ochblg, applauding the historic iran weapons deal. the prime minister says that the deal is a historic mistake.
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president obama spoke today, in fact, just a short time ago. he told the prime minister that our two countries have the same goal, to ensure that iran doesn't get nuclear weapons. here's more on israel's reaction. >> there is a lot of frustration here in israel over the deal signed in geneva. prime minister benjamin called it a mistake. the world's most dangerous regime is on track for obtaining the most dangerous weapon in the world. for israel, it's an issue of all or nothing. they say if iran gives up its nuclear program, then sanctions can be lifted. but only then. israel is dismantling the center f fuges on the plant.
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many here in israel feel like the regime in teheran just can't be trusted. the big question now is what is next? the prime minister gave this warning. >> we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. we will not allow iran to have a nuclear weapons capability. >> despite israel's objections, for now, it's about diplomacy and patience. it's unlikely israel will strike iran leaving them with their only option making sure iran lives up to their obligations. ian lee, cnn, jerusalem. >> i ran is just like north korea. but kochbts it anyway. >> why he believes is no north korea.
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>> first of all, it's a member of the npt. secondly, they have engaged in a negotiation. thirdly, they have committed to have daily inspections of certain facilities. they have committed to restrict their activities with those nmgnmg inspections taking place. in addition to that, they are publicly committed that they are not going to wild a nuclear weapon. north korea already has. and has tested. and will not declare a policy of denuclearization. but let me be clearment we do that with eyes absolutely wide open. we have no illusions. you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. you do it on the basis of actions that can be verified and, moreover, we have kept the
2:25 pm
basic architecture of the sanctions is staying in place. there is very little relief and we are convinced that over the next few months, we will really be able to put to the test what iran's sbengss are. >> so you, at this poichbt, trust the new president in iran. to be able to follow through. are you convinced that he has the mower to do so? because you know that the hardliners in iran x certainly are singing a different tune. absolutely i'm well aware of that. it's a question of having the verification and the intrusive
2:26 pm
inspections. and the insights into the program and the commitments that can be held acountable so that you are, in fact, creating a fail save mechanism by which you are making your judgments. none of this, when you're dealing with nuclear weapons. it's not an issue of trust. as the old saying goes. >> he's goicng to be with the
2:27 pm
libyan prime minister. the topics, peace talks tweenl israel and the palestinians and then the worsening violence in libya since the fall of moammar khadafi. >> mother nature is not unlds lining that in our favor. up next, we'll check in with meteorologist karen mcguinness who needs to be on the look out for a possible nor'easter. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat,
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thanksgiving is pushing east across the southern yietsd. already explained for at least five doets. the brunt of this system is in central texas. much of that state is urnd a winter storm warning.
2:31 pm
including threats of snow, ice, rain and high winds. here's the problem. the storm has the potential to get much worse as it moves east. cash mcguinness is there for a possible nor'easter. >> i vntd seen it. i vnt seen it looking this rough for quite some time. sooner or later over the next 72 hours, you're going to run into weather or be impacted by the weather. by that, i mean some of the airports. let's get bez si. show you where the layout is. ride along the gulf. it's going to be warm enough. it's just going to be rainfall. inconvenient for rainfall. the rain could be heavy at times. wait until you see this pink. that's where we're looking at that winterweatheryrksz mix. extending towards charlotte and into the up state of south
2:32 pm
carolina and into virginia. then we make our way towards tuesday. noud we start to pick up the snowfall. could be heavy. interior sections of the northeast, new eng land. also into the ohio river valley. then we go to the all porntd wednesday. tens of millions of people will be impacted by this. now you're wondering all the way to charlotte to washington, to baltimore. looks like a ranl event. could be a wind event, as well. if you're on the roepd, it's going to be very difficult. interior sections of the northeast. it's going to be blown around. if you are driving, it's going to be tricky. this is what the forecast was saying. lake effect snow in the eastern great lakes. marty, it's going to be a bear. but should that track change just a little bit. it could mean a little wintery mix into the northeast. we are keeping our eye on it.
2:33 pm
but right now, it looks like a snow wee event all the way up into new eng land. >> and there was this double whammy. wow, what a mess. thags. >> well, some say laughter is the best medicine when it comes to dealing with life's challenging. and my next guest simply knows that is true. we could all use a little laughter right now. i'll talk about how he can teach you how to enjoy life. but, first. >> before three-time champion gale deevers became world champion, she had to face a life-threatening human hurdle. >> reporter: for 15 years, gail was one of the fastest women in the word. known almost as well for her
2:34 pm
long finger nails as her olympic and world championships. >> things had gone very well. >> deavers qualified for her first olympics in 1988. >> i ran slower than the first time i ever ran when i stepped on the track. >> her hair started falling out, hearse once-long nails broke and she started losing a lot of weight. >> at my worst, ifrs under 85 pounds. >> her symptoms continued for nearly three years without a diagnosis. >> i actually had covered up the mirrors in my house because i didn't want to see myself. >> it wasn't a good time. >> her specialist confirm graves disease, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland. as a side effect, she developed painful blood blisters on her feet. >> i stopped walking because it hurt so bad.
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>> it was so bad, doctors nearly amputated her feet. eventual eventually, doctors found a way to treat them. and a year and a half later, deavers was back in her running shoes competing in the 1992 olympics. today, she was married with two children and helping other kids achieve their goals. >> what is it that happened to me in my life that i can share with somebody else. you know?
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getting paid to be funny has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. if the joke bombs, a sigh lensz, or maybe yet, a nervous chuckle. the comedian not only faces that every time he steps up to the mic, he's written a new book and he joins me now from new york. >> simple things like on the freeway, you're driving on the freeway you're in a hurry to get up and give them the finger. just laugh it off. you're already there and there's nothing you can do about it. that's what you should do. seemingly simple ways to enl joy life.
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that's what this book is talking about. travelaround the world. laughter is the best medicine in the world. with the holiday travel mixing with what is like a really nasty weather system. what do you think of all of this. >> go ahead and leave early. you eve got to be thinking. seriously. do that. >> plenty of pay shensz and keep a sense of humor as you're sf sg there in, i don't know, three inches of ice. >> you know what's good about laughter? it's free medicine, also.
2:41 pm
it is so good to laugh. you need to get this book. i'm teaching young people how to travel to other countries. >> you brought um medicine. so this is a perfect segway. >> we're talking about affordable acts here. i know it's good. you know why i know it's good, who has the best health care in america? congress. >> i think everybody deserves great leltcare. even prisoners get free health care.
2:42 pm
>> i'd like for all the congressman to get together and say what can we do to make this work? what can with do for the people. congress is just a total disarray right now. i was talking to president barack obama who came to las vegas got so long agho. he says to me you look a lot younger since the last time i saw you. i warrant wanted to say i wish say the same about you.
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>> a shout out to the button on the elevatorsment you know it really doesn work, right. sout out the things like that. shout out to arm&hammer. arm is a good guy, but hammer, he's not so good. baskinl rob bins. he's a great guy. no progress what so ever, 31 nay vors. i tweet anything that's going on. you drive down the street and see the united methodist church? i want to shout out to the divided. >> you do find humor in everything there is in life. let me ask you, real quick, though, black friday. coming up? kmentds? what do you think is funny about it? >> these stupid people get up 5:00 in the morning, go out wait in line and buy a $15 computer.
2:44 pm
now they're going to be open on thanksgiving. martin, mr. savage, you're sitting arnold and you're having dinner and you ear eating. it's the only time you're going to be able to look up in the air and say tank god. you look at your watch and say i've got to get out of here. they need to go somewhere. i'm in ohio sharing -- >> my favorite city in cleveland. this weekend, i'm going to have nothing but funnel. we're goi i'm going to do something that i dd last year. i bought all of my family members a gift and i left the price tag only. i marked that stuff up. i want people to know what i paid for that gift. the real reason is i'm fired of people giving me cheap gifts. and they always say the same thing. it's not the gift, it's the thought that counts. well, with this cheap gift you gave pe, i don't think you thought to much about it.
2:45 pm
i'm going to be talking the holidays singing a song that nobody knows the lyrics to. >> george, my friend, i have got to go. i'm leaving you behind, unfortunately. >> george wallace. >> laugh it off. tau thank you, martin. there's absolutely nothing you can talk about. >> see you soon. taung, bye, bye. >> moving on now, two of the nfl's top teams and quarterbacks are going to square off tonight. rachel nicholas is live in foxboro, massachusetts as the denver broncos and the new england pay trots get set to battle it out. rachel? >> yeah, it is well, well below freezing here. that is not going to stop what has become one ocf the nfl's to quarterbacks. we'll have everything you need to know after the break. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait.
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if you like football, then what i'm about to tell you, you already know. if you don't like football, you should know this. a clash of football titans is going to happen tonight in foxboro, massachusetts. it's tom brady versus peyton manning. the new england patriots taking on the denver broncos. many people calling it the must-see game of the season. rachel is live inside of gillette stadium.
2:50 pm
well, this has turned into the best quarterback rivalry in the nfl. this is the 14th time these two hall of famers have met. if you're not a football fan, you can appreciate how good these guys are. the anl letsism, pyrotechnics, things they can do with the ball and they are uncanny strategists and you feel when they go out there, they are both on a chess board, moving their minions across the field over here. tom brady holds a 9-4 edge over manning when they've gone head to head. manning is the first to tell you why brady is so good. take a listen. >> i think it's pretty well documented, my respect for tom, as a quarterback. the way he prepares. just the way he is better each season than he was the year before. >> he is a tough guy. he played through everything. and you know, a big game for both teams. you got to expect their best
2:51 pm
players and and i'm sure all those guys will be ready to go. >> you know how much we love one on one rivalries in sports, right? the nfl doesn't let you get many of those because it is such a team game by nature. when have you a rivalry that develops between two stars at a time, fans get into it and tonight will be pretty special. >> just looking at you, looks extremely cold there. what's the impact going to be in the game? >> you don't feel i'm toward go swimming here, martin? come on. >> not quite. >> we have a temperature around 20 degrees right now. wind chill is about 10. it will dip down to 3. what is making it so cold is we have these gusts of wind up to 40 miles an hour. it is interesting. both of these guys play in cold weather cities.
2:52 pm
but peyton manning is an addition. he used to play in the colts, so his cold weather record, not so good. manning is only 3-7 when the temperature dips below freezing. that could be a factor here tonight, although his broncos are the oned favored. we will have to see how it plays out. i can tell new my expert opinion right now, it's very, very cold. >> we will take that as certainly the expert you are. and the quarterbacks and their minions will be freezing their big butts off. thank you rachel, very much. nice to see you. moving on. and cold weather may play into this. shoppers are already cashing in on black friday bargains. but what does that mean for the deals that are usually offered the day after thanksgiving? well, looks like there's no need to worry any more. we'll tell you why.
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2:54 pm
2:55 pm
last night, we were talking about the people who camp out a
2:56 pm
week or before black friday. apparently a lot of retailers think it doesn't pay it wait any more. many, including the world's largest, wal-mart, are saying, forget black friday, they are already running holiday sales now. but will it get customers in the door? well, let's turn to alexandra field for that. hello, alexandra. >> reporter: the mad dash, used to start on black friday. this year bargain hunting is beginning a week earlier. wal-mart is slashing its prices for a preblack friday sale that started on friday. that's seven days before the shopping holiday that keeps creeping up on thanksgiving day. >> we know last year, 35 million shoppers were out in stores and shopping on-line on thanksgiving day. and we're fully expecting to see just as many people this year. >> on thursday, wal-mart will open its doors at 6:00 p.m. toys are us opens at 5:00 p.m. but how do you entice shoppers
2:57 pm
to come inside? big box stores are luring shoppers in with promises of low prices and more price matching with competitors. >> it is better to be first in line than to be last and wonder if you go to get something that you really want. >> at this best buy in ft. myers, florida, they are already camping out for thursday's sales. same thing in akron, ohio. >> couple of us are looking for tvs for presents for family. >> national retail federation says me lineals are driving thanksgiving day shopping trend. but it isn't for everyone. >> it is absolutely crazy. i know they do it every year and every year i say the same thing. it is crazy. >> black friday draws biggest numbers. 46% of consumers hit those sales and 40% of shoppers will be back in stores thanksgiving weekend. so had enough yet, of course not. cyber monday is around the corner and it isn't just for monday, any more. >> last year, the days, cyber
2:58 pm
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, were all over a billion dollars on line. >> reporter: alexandra fields, cnn, new york. next sunday is expected to be the busiest airline travel day with 2.5 million people flying that day. wintery weather in texas forced 3 00 flight cancellations today. that has a domino effect across the country. atlanta's airport is the busiest in the world. we want to show you how human and canine teens are keeping things safe. >> she takes one step, i need to take two. that place together is just like a song and dance. we became partners in 2010. and we have been together ever since. a daily life with zera is a great thing. the dog is highly intelligent. and i am always driven by that fact.
2:59 pm
we screen cargo that is uploaded to passenger aircraft. it may seem chaotic. it is symphony to me. the play of music. when we get to that point where the dog encounters odor, that's the fun of the game. you're looking to see if that dog will actually sit. you want that dog not to nudge it or not to touch it. it can be very sensitive. it can literally, you know, trigger something that you and i don't want to be here today talking about. what's most important, is ensuring that we're doing every single thing that we can do to ensure that nothing harmful is loaded on to any of these aircraft. >> for more inside looks at the world's busiest airport, can you go to slash atl24 to see everything our reporters found.
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i'm martin savidge. the next hour of the cnn newsroom begins right now. you're here, you're in the newsroom. i'm martin savidge, it's great to be with you. people from boston to the nation's capitol could have an unwanted guest this thanksgiving. a powerful and dangerous winter storm. this is how it looks right now in the southwest. high wind, snow, sleet, rain, all pushing east. treacherous road conditions out west have already claimed five lives. singer willie nelson suspended his concert tour after one of his buses hate patch of ice in east texas and skid need an overpass. several band members were hurt. already the storm forced the cancellation of 300 flights at dallas out for room airport. meteorologist karen ma beginis has been tracking the storm. karen, what we want to know is what is going


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